Toys to LOVE (and an excuse to go to Target)

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Why does my child need glasses? They see 20/20!

AdorbsWhy did the optometrist give my child glasses?  They see 20/20?!?!?  I get this questions often.  Most of us associate glasses with a refractive error in need of correction  This is the most common use of lenses–they are correct a refractive error and protect the eye.  We also use tinted lenses on a regular basis for sun protection or occupational protection.

But lenses are not just for sun protection or clarity.  Lenses change the way the brain interprets visual information, therefore changing the way we perceive the world.  I often prescribe lenses not to enhance clarity (although I do that all the time also), but to bring balance to a visual system.

I can prescribe yoked prism to help with body organization, spatial awareness and central/peripheral integration in autistic patients or patients with acquired brain injuries.   I can prescribe lenses for near-point work only in an attempt to prevent undue stress on the visual system.  School (especially these days) requires hours of prolonged near work, which is stressful for our visual systems.  Preventing headaches, eye strain and visual frustration can have a profound effect on a patient’s willingness to do school work.  These are especially useful for graduate students who are doing hours of studying, reading and close work.

P.S.–Isn’t that frame totally #adorbs?  Thanks Europa Eye Wear!