Exercising the visual system….at home! (and baking cookies!)


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I was baking cookies at my husband’s request last night.  Before you ask, they were peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip and boy are they GOOD!  In any case, as I was preparing the dough, I realized that baking presented a fun and delicious opportunity to exercise my visual sequential memory!  I found myself studying the recipe a few steps at a time, taking the time to plan out what I was going to do.  After studying the recipe, I turned to my back counter where my mixer was and got to work.  How much could I remember before I wasn’t sure of myself and had to go back to the recipe book?

Visual sequential memory is a visual skill which allows us to remember sequences of events, numbers, objects or what have you easily.  This skill falls under the umbrella of visualization, which, simply put, is the act of making information into pictures and storing them away.  This process forms the basis of good study habits and affects most everything we do in our daily lives.  Luckily for me, I work on my VSM all the time with my patients and I fared pretty well in my self-induced challenge.

Some people are not good at visualizing at all and have to resort to memorization, which tends to falter when the material in question gets too complicated or too bulky.  In my practice, I use vision therapy to help patients learn how to visualize and build visual sequential memory.  But if you are at home and want to supplement your current VT adventures, consider making cookies!  Make it a game to see how much of the recipe you and your baking companions can remember before making a mistake.  At the very least, there will be yummy cookies at the end to enjoy!

For more information about vision therapy and how it can help you enhance your visual system and improve your life, visit http://www.thevisionlearningcenter.com today!

Here’s to baking and a happy visual system!

-Dr. Davis


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