How much is a good plan worth?


I was on my way home from work and I was listening to “The Engines of our Ingenuity” on NPR.  Each episode is about 5 minutes long and discusses some aspect of human culture and how culture has been shaped and built by human creativity.  It is a fantastic show and I encourage you to tune in one day.  This particular episode (#3129) was about what went wrong on June 6th, 1944 (D-Day).   Nothing went the way the Allies had planned, despite all of the preparation and planning.  The bombs didn’t hit their targets, the weather did not cooperate and 2/3 of the troops who disembarked on Omaha beach were causalities.  And yet D-Day was successful.

Richard Armstrong, at the University of Houston, ends the episode with this, “Planning is after all, just the fantasy of action”.  This piqued my interest.  In vision therapy, we spend a lot of time planning out our actions, planning out how we are going to use our eyes and our bodies.  In a controlled environment (the office, home etc), its easy to make and execute said plan.  The plan becomes the action and is not a fantasy.  But what happens when my patients leave the office and attempt to execute planning in the big, bad, outside world?  By emphasizing planning so much in vision therapy, we are in fact teaching the brain to go into planning mode automatically and it is able to change plans automatically.

My goal for each and every patient who goes through vision therapy is that when they are done, they are able to take their plans and make them into actions, regardless of changes in environment.  Adaptability.  I want planning to be the path to action, NOT just a fantasy of action.

Let us help you turn your plans into meaningful actions, not just fantasies.

-Dr. Davis


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