A trip to the ER


Three weeks ago I got a call from a member of my synagogue.  He was having some strange visual symptoms and wanted to ask my opinion about what to do.  It was the weekend, so his doctor was not available.  We talked about he told me about his symptoms:  new onset double vision and pressure behind the eyes.  He said the symptoms had been going on for a few days.  I asked some more questions and in the end, told him to get himself to the ER.  He needed imaging ASAP to rule out some pretty scary stuff.  A day later, he let me know the next day that everything had come back negative.  Despite this, I urged him to see his optometrist to get checked out.

The other day I got word that he was in the middle of chemotherapy.  You can imagine my shock.  I tell this story not to scare you, but to create awareness.  Our eyes are literally windows to our bodies.  Optometrists can detect cancer, severe neurological problems, intracranial masses, diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, autoimmune disease, various STDs and a myriad of other life-changing conditions.  Early action is important and vital for successful treatment outcomes.  When your vision changes, call your optometrist!  Don’t wait!  Waiting can cause irreparable vision loss and can be life-threatening.

Optometrists change lives and save lives.  Call us today with questions or visit our website for more information.


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