Gravity, it always brings ya down


Gravity, I feel, is often a force that we take for granted.  It acts silently and stealthily, keeping us anchored to the earth, grounding us.  If we didn’t have gravity, we would be floating above the ground, turning and spinning without a reference point and no way to get back down.   So much of our early visual and motor development depends on gravity.  One can imagine what might happen if someone were to be deprived of all that marvelous gravity during the first year of life.

Gravity gives us a sense of space, a sense of belonging.  This allows the  brain to establish a reference point so that it is able to learn how to make detailed, accurate spatial calculations.  These calculations allow us to read smoothly, bring objects into focus, avoid seeing double, point both eyes in the correct direction, follow a moving object and put thoughts into words and onto a page (writing).

Enter:  weighted blankets.  Weighted blankets are marvelous tools that we can use to help people find gravity again.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and most importantly weights.  The weighted blankets help patients get grounded.  Being grounded helps the brain figure out where everything else is in relationship to the observer.  This allows the patient to build an accurate visual-spatial map, which results in accurate eye movements and increased visual efficiency.

Weighted blankets are not going to magically fix tracking problems or visual system inefficiencies.  Rather, they are one of the many tools we can use to help our patients discover how marvelously wonderful gravity can be.

If you are in the market for a weighted blanket, email and design your custom, high end, professional weighted blanket.

Get grounded, ya’ll!


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