My name is Dr. Amalia Davis and I am a developmental/behavioral optometrist in the Houston, TX area.  I have been at the Vision Learning Center since I graduated optometry school in 2013.  In 2014, I purchased the office from my mentor and set off on my own.  I specialize in vision rehabilitation and vision therapy, as well as pediatrics and optometric care for special populations.  I am very passionate about my job and spreading the word about Vision Therapy.  The Vision Learning Center has one mission:  to enhance your vision and change your life through quality vision care and vision therapy.  My vision for this blog is to provide a place to tie vision development and vision care into everyday life.  I am a mother and as I watch my son grow and develop, I am always looking for ways to encourage and nurture development.  When I find these nuggets of gold, I pass them along to you, my patients and my readers!

If you have questions, need vision advice or need vision therapy, look us up!


Dr. Amalia Davis

The Vision Learning Center

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